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Tagging Your Images

This tutorial details each step needed for adding, removing and updating the tags associated with images in your gallery.  This video was created by Katie Ayres, Senior Web Developer who builds websites for Artists.

Step-by-step guide for each activity in the tutorial

Login and go to gallery

  • To log on to your website, go to the /login web page on your website (such as 1happygallery.com/login).
  • Hover over the Envira Gallery icon and select Envira Gallery, this shows all the galleries created for the website
  • Hover over the gallery you want to work with and click Edit

Add a tag

  • Once the gallery is open, move down to the lower part of the page that shows thumbnails of all the images in the gallery
  • Click the little pen icon layer on top of the image you wish to update
  • Update the tag field, with a comma delimited list of tags, such as “Birds, Flowers”
  • Scroll down and press the Save Metadata button
  • Scroll back up and hit the close button that looks like an X along the top and your image is updated
  • Move to the top of the page and click View Envira Gallery, this will show the gallery with the updated tags
  • If you want to go back to the Gallery Page, click Edit Envira Gallery


  • Tags are separated by commas
  • A Tag can be more than one word
  • A tag will disappear from the gallery if it is no longer used by any of the images in the gallery


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