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Special Event Landing Page

Have you ever needed to promote a single important event on your website? Watch a demonstration of a special event landing page that is highlighted in the weeks before the event.

SchipHill Art Studio is home to a very talented artist, Judith Thompson. Every year, she participates in the Western Loudoun Artist Tour (WLAST) in Loudoun County, Virginia. Visitors can come to her studio, talk with her, and purchase her artwork and other offerings. A special event page, https://schiphillart.com/wlast was built just for this event and is demonstrated in this video.

This page gives very specific information regarding the event and can be a powerful and efficient way to convey information to potential participants. While this special event page works standalone, it is still a part of https://schiphillart.com, making it easy to explore the rest of the website and learn more about Judith and her wonderful artwork.

SchipHill Art Studio – https://schiphillart.com


Have you ever needed to promote a single important event on your website? Watch a demonstration of a special event landing page that is highlighted in the weeks before the event.

Today I’m going to demonstrate how a special page on a website can promote an important event. The event page temporarily appears on the website during the few weeks before the event and is tailored for the potential participants, efficiently giving them all they information they need.

Hello my name is Katie Ayres and I am the owner of 1 Happy Place and I build websites for solopreneurs.

Today we are going to demonstrate a special event landing page. Judith Thompson of SchipHill Art studio is an artist who participates in a yearly event, the Western Loudoun Artist Studio Tour in Loudoun County Virginia and artists open up their studios for visitors across our region.

Her website is SchipHillArt.com which I built and I added an event page with the web address schiphillart.com/wlast. This allows her to showcase her paintings as well as the products she will be offering for sale that weekend. The page will contain anything and everything that a visitor might want to know.

There are many ways to send visitor to this page. One way is through her social media by promoting the link using Facebook posts or her Instagram profile, or whatever makes sense depending on the social media channel.

I’m going to demonstrate the two other main ways. The fist one is on the website for the entire event on wlast.org. This website has a page for each participating artist. On that page is a link to the artist website. Rather than linking to her home page, it will link to the special event page. This is very efficient for the person who wants to know more about SchipHill Art Studio.

The other way is on the website itself, SchipHillArt.com. On the masthead, there is a special message that appears for a few weeks before the event. This is both a reminder of the upcoming event and a link to that page.

Now that we are on that page, let’s take a look at the content. The first thing shown is the details of the event along with the logo from the event itself. This gives a visual clue to the visitor that they are on the right page and can find what they need.

Then it shows some examples of her latest beautiful work along with information about Judith as an artist. Next are more example paintings as well as a button that goes to her entire portfolio on the website.

As we move down, it shows the product offerings for this year. This is followed by an active google map giving the visitor the exact directions.

Then on her footer is a subscription form for her newsletter offering any interested visitors an immediate call to action.

While this special event page works standalone it is still part of SchipHillArt.com, making it easy to explore the rest of the website.

You can see how this is a powerful and efficient way to promote an important, time-sensitive event.

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