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One Page Website for an Artist

Written by: Katie

April 23, 2020

This video demonstrates a one page website for an artist, Tracey Lee Cassin. You can see how a one-page website can go a long way.

This extensive one-page website contains:

Website demonstrated in video: TraceyLeeCassin.com


Today I am going to demonstrate an artist website that I designed and developed for Tracey Lee Cassin, a multi-talented artist and photographer. She needed a one-page website to pull together her extensive Internet presence including a popular blog, social media and marketplaces.

Hello! My name is Katie Ayres, and I’m a web developer and owner of 1 Happy Place, and today I am going to demonstrate a one page website for an artist.

Let’s start with her design. In her case, I did not provide my design services, because she has a very popular blog that already had a vibe. On her website, there is a prominent button that sends the visitor over to her blog into a new browser tab, which we will click now to see her blog.

You can see her blog has a black, white and gold theme, and a clean font design, which is used across her Internet presence. I then integrated this look into her website creating a cohesive visitor experience.

On her website’s masthead, we also have her phone number and links to her social media websites.

Her hero graphic is a hand-selected beautiful painting of hers that looks lovely with the look and feel of the website. It immediately immerses you into her artwork and her brilliant colors.

Below that, is her artist statement and picture.

This is followed by a portfolio of sample works. The visitor can scan her artwork and photography and then click on an image and it zooms to fill the screen. From there, the visitor can click to move through the rest of the pieces.

Tracey is very active on a variety of marketplaces, so this graphic provides four links to her profiles allowing the visitor to shop for her products.

Then, there is a section where the visitor can read about her background and inspiration for her work.

Her studio is open by appointment, so we added a section showing a picture of her studio and associated information and the visitor can fill out the contact form beneath that to communicate with her, or set up an appointment to visit.

And then there is a listing of all her awards and exhibitions shown on a timeline.

You can see that a lot can be packed into a one-page website. It can pull together your entire Internet presence and provide the visitor with comprehensive information as they leisurely scroll down to learn about you and your artwork.

Hey Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe to my channel to learn more about my work developing websites for artists.


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