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Written by: Katie

May 8, 2023

 Virtual Idea concept with light bulb illustration on blurry skyline background. Multiexposure

This blog post will be listed first (other than the featured/sticky posts) as it is the most recent blog I have written for this website (and left it the most recent for learning purposes).

On this post, you can see different features that come with WordPress.

Featured Image

Each blog post has a featured image, in this case, it is a stylistic picture of a light bulb. It will always appear at the top of the blog under the title and author/date information.

In addition, it is the image used for the cards shown on the main blog page. Every post should have a featured image to draw the reader in and make the blog listings consistent.

Links to Other Posts

At the bottom of this blog post, you will see links to other blog posts in chronological order.

Categories (Related Posts)

You will also a list of categories, this blog post will be set to “All About Websites” and “WordPress Tutorials”


You will also a list of tags, this blog post will be set to “light bulb moment”.


At the very bottom, you will see an area where you can comment – you are welcome to give it a try!


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