Writing Posts on WordPress

This video demonstrates writing your first post on WordPress for beginners. It will get you oriented to the WordPress workflow. Read More

What is WordPress Anyway?

WordPress powers 35% of all websites in the world, so it must be doing something right. Even with all that popularity, it is hard to understand what it actually is and I’m here to answer that question. Hello! My name... Read More

Web Pages – What are they?

This is a web page. It contains the article titled Web Pages which you are reading right now. Web pages are similar to pages in a book, at least conceptually. They both hold stories and articles for you to read. But that... Read More

Special Event Landing Page

Have you ever needed to promote a single important event on your website? Watch a demonstration of a special event landing page that is highlighted in the weeks before the event. SchipHill Art Studio is home to a very talented... Read More

What is an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate? Or is a TSL Certificate? or maybe a Security Certificate?  Learn what these are and why Google Chrome and other browsers are indicating your website connection is not secure.  Let’s Encrypt (letsencrypt.org) to the rescue!... Read More

Why do graphics slow down websites?

Find out how you can improve your website’s load time by speeding up your image loading. You will learn how to see the weight of a page as well as what is slowing it down. It is then followed by... Read More

The Importance of Lightweight Pages

One day, you innocently click on a link to a website that turns out to be slow or broken. Time slows down. Your smartphone is troubled and overwhelmed…you grow impatient and your finger gets twitchy over the back button. A... Read More

Many Screens – One Design

A website can be viewed on all types and sizes of screen. Responsive websites will protect the readability and usability of the website’s content when it is shown on different devices. The content flows like a fluid, filling the screen,... Read More