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Artist Website with a Portfolio and Commission Page

This is a demonstration of a website for an artist, Elliot Appel, developed by Katie Ayres of 1 Happy Place, LLC.

This website includes a extensive home page with:

  • Hero graphic of a selected painting
  • Artist statement
  • Slideshow of selected works that can be changed anytime as part of hosting
  • Contact form

In addition, it has the following pages:

  • Portfolio – which includes an interactive showing of his works where paintings can be clicked to fill the entire screen (no matter the size), as well as allow the visitor to move through the paintings full screen
  • Commission page – which includes information about hiring the artist for commissions as well as multiple sample portfolio for each of his categories of commissions
  • About page – contains information about the artist and a photo
  • Contact page – standard contact form allowing visitors to contact him securely

Website demonstrated in video: ElliotAppelPaints.com.


Today I am going to demonstrate an artist website that I designed and developed for Elliot Appel, a very talented artist who paints cityscapes and a variety of commissions. 

Hello! My name is Katie Ayres, and I’m a web developer and owner of 1 Happy Place, and today I am going to demonstrate an artist website with a portfolio and commission page.

Let’s start with his home page.  You can see a selection of fonts and colors were designed to match his New York cityscapes.  At the top, you see a hero graphic with a piece that he hand selected.

Below that, is his artist statement and his picture.  This is followed by a slideshow of selected paintings.  As part of his hosting, he can change that selection of paintings anytime.

This is followed by links to his two main pages, the cityscapes portfolio and the commissions page, allowing users to quickly get there.

Then, we see an embedded contact form, that allows for easy communication.

Then the footer with a lovely painting and copyright information.

Next, let’s look at his portfolio page.  He paints New York cityscapes.  This page shows all the paintings he selected for inclusion in his portfolio.  Each piece has the title and size information and the visitor can then click on one of the paintings and it zooms to fill the screen.  From there, the visitor can click to move through the rest of the paintings.

Next, let’s visit his commission page. The page has all the information one would need to commission a painting.  In addition, there is a sample portfolio for each category of commission he currently offers.  Just like the portfolio, the visitor can click on a painting to show it in full screen and move through the samples.

Now we will visit his About page.  This contains more information about the artist and his background, including a nice picture of him. 

Lastly, a standard contact page.  Contact forms and pages provide a secure way for a visitor to contact the artist about purchasing or commissioning a painting.

Hey Thanks for watching!  Be sure to subscribe to my channel to learn more about my work developing websites for artists.


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