About 1 Happy Site

This website is part of the 1 Happy Place portfolio. It allows you to look at a variety of website structures and styles, helping you to make decisions about the structure of your own website. 

This is an example of a multi-page website with a blog. If you want to see an example of a single-page website without a blog, go to 1 Happy Page or a multi-page website without a blog, go to 1 Happy Artist

1 Happy Site is built with WordPress with a custom theme.  Since all my websites are tailored and not based on templates, WordPress is only worth integrating if you need the functionality that WordPress provides, such as blogging.

You will need a blog on your website if one or more of these apply:

  • You are committed to writing a blog at least once a month and have a corresponding social media plan to promote those blogs
  • You have enough posts to use categories and tags
  • You have multiple authors and therefore require bylines and author pages
  • You have enough traffic to support comments from readers

Choosing whether to have a one-page website, or a multi-page website, or a website with a blog like this one, all depends on your needs.

Part of my job is to listen carefully to what you want to accomplish, then we decide together the best solution for your needs in a cost-effective manner.  1 Happy Site is an example of a tailored website with a blog. 

I added a few articles and then continually update this blog whenever I post a video in my YouTube Channel.  Enjoy and don’t hesitate to send me questions!