About 1 Happy Site

This website is part of the 1 Happy Place showroom of websites. It allows you to look at a variety of website structures and styles, helping you to make decisions about the structure of your own website. This is an example of a multi-page website. If you want to see an example of a single-page website, go to 1 Happy Page.

1 Happy Site contains many web pages. Whenever you press one of the links in the menu along the top, it loads up a new page. These types of websites are the workhorses of the Internet. They are often the right size to suit the needs of a small business. Big enough to hold pages of information and actions the visitor can take, but not so big as to overwhelm the visitor.

This website contains web pages that are lightweight and responsive. It will quickly load and spread into any size screen, allowing visitors to find the information they need from any kind of device.

Choosing between a one-page website and multi-page website like this is mostly a matter of how much content the website contains. If there is a lot of content to convey, the multi-page website is the best choice.

Explore sections of the website to learn more:

Enjoy and don't hesitate to send me questions!

signed Katie